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Best Fta Satellite TV Receiver Ratings

DISH Network VIP211k HD Receiver
Dish Network

DISH Network VIP211K HD Receiver Product : INTELLIAN I-SERIES DISH NETWORK VIP211K HD RECEIVER Manufacturer : INTELLIAN Manufacturer Part No : VIP211K UPC : 753960010885

Fta Satellite TV Receiver Reviews
  • “I recommend this unit for those who would like to supply indvidual vewing to an alternate room.” – Bandoul
  • “When I recvd the item I had Dish network come try to install it and the reciever was bad.” – mark
  • “Also, the programming on a pay as you go basis is more expensive.” – Oklahoma Cattle Company

Azbox Newgen+

Product Description Is ready to ship on june 24 2010 SYSTEM RESOURCES * CPU/MPU/Main chip: GX6107 * Flash memory: 4MB * DDR RAM: 256Mb USB Functions 1.

X2-fta Dvb-s Mini Digital Satellite Receiver (New Version)

MAIN FUNCTION -X2 (M1-New Version).

Fully DVB-S/MPEG-2 complaint.

MAX 5000 Channels.

DSS922 DSS Dual LNBF for Anik F3 118.7 & 119 Satellite Dish

High gain DSS LNBF with excellent performance and low power consumption. Rectangular fitting allows mounting to most DSS dishes. 40mm throat allows easy mounting to other dishes with LNBF throat clamp.

Fta Satellite TV Receiver Reviews
  • “It give great reception, is light weight and easy to set up.” – Carl
  • “Couldn’t use the LNB for what it was intended.” – Debbie L Kelley
  • “Thanks, Rick Yes they sent a response to send it back of coarse at my expense.” – Roman

Azbox Bravissimo Twin HD - Black

AZBOX BRAVISSIMO TWIN AVAILABLE IN RED Dual tuner Usb HD, Video Resolution 1080p/i 720p/i 576p/i 480p/i Digital Satellite Receiver Frecuency 950-2150 MHz Audio decoding MPEGI layer1/2, MPGII layerII,

Satellite Dish Aiming Fine Tuning Setup Meter for Dish Network DirecTV FTA

Satellite TV Finder lets you easily tune your satellite dish while outside. Determine the direction of the strongest satellite signal. Great for remote satellite antennas.

Viewsat VS2000 Ultra Free-to-Air Satellite Receiver

Viewsat designed this unit to satisfy the demand for a small but very powerful low end unit, with features such as USB host support, firmware blind scanning, support for C/Ku-bands and various LNB polarities, USALS controls, and many more.

Starcom (A7) Dvb-s Ultra Mini Digital Satellite Receiver

**Full DVB-S/MPEG-2 Compliant

**High Capacity memory space for (TV&RADIO)

**Supports DiSEqC 1.0/1.2,0/12 KHZ Tone

**SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/KU Band Satellites

**3 Operation Modes (Digital TV, Digital Radio, Favorite).

Captiveworks CW800S Free To Air USB PVR Satellite TV Receiver

The CaptiveWorks 800 is a standard definition FTA receiver with DVR functions (digital video recorder) from CaptiveWorks. If you like the flexibility of programming the FTA satellite receiver to record a channel while you away you will love the CaptiveWorks 800.

Moteck Sg-2100 Satellite Dish Motor

Special Design for Receiver with DiSEqC 1.2
Only One Coaxial Cable Control
Go To X Function
High Efficiency
Compact Structure
Ultra Low Noise
Adjustable Hardware Limits
Easy Installation with LED Indicator
Manual EAST / WEST button
For Dish up to 1.

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